Different Types of Shutters

Information about different types of shutters that we use .

There are a lot of things one has to think before installing roller shutters for home or office. Roller shutters are installed for security purpose. In the business area, the rollers shutters are installed for the convenience of owners and also for the protection of property. On the other hand, the residential homes install the shutters in garages and try to install the shutters at the main entrance. The shutters are made up of aluminum, steel, metal. All of these things help in protecting the property from any thieves or other unlawful acts. The shutters are also great in keeping the energy levels low and also in reducing the electricity bills.


Roller Shutters

Both types of roller shutters( manual and automatic) have different working functions. The automatic shutters work by a motorized automatic system. It can be activated by pressing a single button or through remote control. These are considered very good for big doors and which need roller shutters that are too big or heavy.

On the other hand, manual roller shutters are mostly controlled by muscular power. They are pulled down to close and up for opening them. That is the simple operation process of the shutters.


Home Rolling Shutter

 Perforated metal always needs more strength. This technique is mostly used in making roller shutters. Perforated shutters give a fresh breath of air, light flow along with more strength and protection to the family.

The opaque conventional shutters are found useful in both commercial and residential uses.


 Various types of roller shutters:


Aluminum Rolling Shutters

This is the most durable and good quality shutters. Hence aluminum is s good choice for use both in the home and office.

Transparent Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters can be seen in transparent also. They give visibility from both sides. Along with being automatic, they are durable also. You can install the shutters in the commercial premises and they can also be used as a partition between the lobby and also the garden.

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