game of throne last season

About the final season action and endings

The iron bank was interested in House Lannister because of the debt that was unpaid for a long time. Now the debt is paid there are chances that Iron bank might not support Cersei and they can wash off his hand from the house Lannister forever if Daenerys is able to burn down the King’s landing and she claims the Iron Throne.

By paying off the debts it has given them a chance to wash off his hand from the house Lannister forever. Not even this, it will make the situation worse as the Lannisters will be left with limited supply and no grain. You never know this theory might become true and Cersei might lose because of this.

In the Season 8 trailer, we have seen their inclusion which gives us a clue that this time ‘Iron bank’ will play a very significant role in the final series. There is no doubt that this betrayal will be a big twist and it might change the entire scenario.

We surely can’t wait to see Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 and who is finally going to sit on ‘The Iron throne’.